Toronto 2011

Sunday, Febuary 3rd 2011

Today Abby Sara and I (Colin Norforth/Dyson O’Connor)awoke to find Valentine being at my front door, saying that Harvey was being attacked at Abby’s house. Val and Sara arrived inside Abby’s house via a portal. After hearing that they couldn’t see due to smoke, I quickly told Abby to close the portal and we ran to her house. As we arrived (having changed into my new costume) , we came face to face with a huge ice dome covering what would have been Abby’s house. As the day progressed and my hands were trying to make a dent in this ice, Abby kept off the first of two bald dudes and for some reason he collapsed , so I continued to make dents in the ice. After the fight and finding everyone to be in somewhat healthy condition and watching Abby’s house explode, we all returned to Charles’ house. While there and after some investigating through the house, we all gathered outside a room that Charles had deemed off limits to everyone in the house. After persuading him, we entered the room. First Val, who was looking like a forcefield was stopping her, then Alex and Sara had the same problem. After talking to the picture above the door, I know I should have my head checked for that, LOL, but as I drew nearer to the picture inside the room, I really needed to have my head examined LOL. But in all seriousness after thinking through the problem and asking Charles to come into the room, a little white hole appeared, into which we all jumped, I figure. I ended up at a place that looked like the study I just left until I found a secret door and a ladder leading down one flight or so I thought. I then saw three mirrors who all showed a reflection of myself in them. I had walked through one of the mirrors and ended up going to another dimension in which all my friends, weren’t exactly “my” friends. After returning to the same place that I had left, I saw Peter crying to have his son and brother back and Charles same for him as his brother walked down the stairs. Later that night as I answered the door, after I heard the doorbell and took Harvey with me, my father showed up at the doorsteps and asked me to join him for a drink since we needed to have one of our “father and son” chats. Now since most things seemed to had settle down for the night I had talked with my father for a while, and had some new surprises thrown at me, one being after hearing from Sara that a large globe of light appeared at Lake Ontario and that I had gotten my old life back sort of. I also was questioned by Greg and Sara about my intentions of being there, since VORTEX was the codename of some psycho and Sara was very pissed off about this guy that she attacked me and I calmly threw her against a van. After all this I got back to my house and calmly thought threw things and watched the news until i saw a report that my father was part of a terrorist conspiracy. Now as Monday starts who knows what we gotta do but I guess a whole new sit down and talking to catch up on everything is gonna need to be done. So until I see you all again in the morning I gotta run and see what other loose ends need to be dealt with.


Is this campaign still running? I hate to see a good campaign fall apart…

Sunday, Febuary 3rd 2011

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