Toronto 2011

Thursday, January 31 2011

Sarah began the next day fairly abrupt when a strange text message made it obvious that someone wants to contact to her and doesn’t believe like the rest of the immediate world that she has fallen off the face of the earth. Listening to her actual voicemails she receives several from the man who called her several days early regarding the “pet rabbit” but the final call was from a woman posing as a Caucasian stating simply if you want answers call the following number (*63565) and similar to the text message from before.

Thinking this strange Sarah contacts Val via telepathy and tells her that she has received strange messages. Using her computer Sarah is able to decrypt the message far enough as to ascertain that this woman is indeed Asian sounding. Calling the number provided a recorded message instructs Sarah to meet this woman on the North side of Blackberry Park in the Rouge Valley area of Toronto at 3:00 PM today. Sarah relays to Val about this meeting and than she asks Q-B if she can portal back to Toronto. Q-B does Sarah one better and brings her to her apartment but leaves before Sarah can realize that her apartment is now being surrounded by perimeter devices set up by Metro Police as is standard procedure with missing persons cases. Some fast “talking” on her part helps Sarah leave the apartment via the window but she fails to keep her face under “wraps” as she flies to the roof undisguised and luckily due to inclement weather she is not spotted. Using the flight of some bird Sarah makes her way to meet up with Val at 1:00 PM near the park in order to do some reconnaissance before the mysterious 3:00 PM Meeting. Val and Sarah decide it best if Val using her AI Bracelet takes Sarah’s visage and meet with this Asian woman instead while Sarah hides nearby. Using a nearby woman’s room they change into their perspective disguises and while Sarah hides in a nearby tree using the chameleon as her muse Val waits near the North Entrance Archway till 3:00 PM draws near. Sarah uses wolf hearing to pick up what sounds like bach and the sounds of someone smoking a cigarette about 200 yards away. Val notices out of the corner of her eye a small blinking red light. Searching the area unearths three hidden cameras. Could this be a set up?

The gradual materialization of this Asian woman coming up from the snow itself as if she were formed of snow first and than gradually into a 5 foot 9 short dark haired woman wearing a three tone blue costume is pretty shocking to both Sarah and Val but they remain steadfast. Once closer she obscures the disguised Val in a column of flying snow and explains that she knows Sarah and that she is aware that Sarah’s memory has been removed of her. She has so much to explain to her but she cannot, as this location is no longer secured. She tells Val thinking its Sarah that she will meet Sarah back here in the parking lot NW of their position on Saturday, February 2nd near a snowman. She than departs without warning dropping into the snow as if she were no more than dust and Val notices that this column of snow allows for her to leap out safely and does so. She rejoins with Sarah who uses her link to trace the cameras, first she sees the footage of the magenta haired Japanese woman known as Crimson Lee talking to someone via a strange hand held device. She apparently has been monitoring someone’s voicemails via cell phone but how? She than sees that this camera links back to a computer somewhere inside the abandoned Ministry of Defense building. Again this strange facility comes into the picture. Deciding it is time to identify the car that she heard 200 yards away, Sarah moves off on her own while Val trying to stealth blends into the “background” with the aid of Avalon. The shadows nearby seem to smile.

Sarah making her way to the site via the treetops finds what looks like the woman from the 3:00 PM meeting lying near the car from last evening with a sharp metal blade stuck in her back and badly bleeding. Scared for not only her newfound contacts safety but also the possible loss of someone who has the answers she seeks, Sarah flies down to help. Sadly it’s only a powerful illusion and the woman turns out to be Crimson Lee in disguise. Before Sarah can act she is whisked away from there in a column of crimson smoke and finds herself standing inside the room where Chris Bishop died. Back in the Ministry of Defense building. Val moving closer to Sarah’s position sensing something is amiss arrives to see a column of crimson red smoke and knows things have gone sour. Sarah is suddenly returned to her original position the victim yet again of another illusion or “show of force” Sarah watches as this strange Japanese woman leaps nearly seventy feet in the air to land on top of the luxury cars roof. Val arrives and dialogue ensues where as Crimson Lee seems to be waiting for something. It’s than that first Blackout appears from the shadows and than Shamrock as well. They exchange verbal barbs and bad puns and the scene seems tense ready for a major battle? The appearance of a 4th person, a late teenage woman with strange stones imbedded along her ear rim and a flowing blue and white dress is broken when her open mouth produces a familiar music. Val knows that Crimson Lee will attack Achaia fast if she makes a false move and all will be lost. Shamrock opens the trunk of the car and as Sarah moves around she discovers a bound and partially gagged middle-aged black male. Shamrock easily lifts the man and tosses him into the snow. They depart promising that they will be seeing “the team” real soon and all bets are off. Once gone Sarah and Val are able to untie this man who identifies himself as Duncan Harrison, Private Investigator. Shamrocks’ fists mostly inflicted his wounds but otherwise he is unhurt. Bringing him to the hospital first and the cabin secondly they move to the kitchen to eat and fill in Q-B and Harvey Daniels about what took place. Sarah however finds a dark blue envelope taped to the front door with a note written in strange blue glitter. This is from the Asian woman who calls herself Queenie. She tells Sarah that she needs to meet with her and tell her about her past, her being a mutant and a lot of things. Sarah realizes this note is probably old now as the team rarely uses the front doors. She closes the note only to reopen it to find water droplets where there were previously letters. Sarah seems to have found a concrete clue as to her origins. Time tells all….



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