Toronto 2011

Wednesday, January 30th 2011

Abhati (Q-B) and Achaia shaken by the news that both Chris (Cosmos) and Val had been captured by a pair of mercenary types for hire who also subdued Pulse. They were about to travel via portal to intervene when the mysterious gray skinned woman from Heximere arrived via a portal of her own at the bottom of the basement steps. She quickly informed them that Val was secured but Chris and Pulse are missing from an abandoned Dojo where they were all being held. Traveling now as a trio they arrived to find Val visibly shaken with anger and paused to let her get her bearings. Apparently she was sent to become the “plaything” of a very strange other-dimensional being known as “The First One” and the sheer indignity of this had Val’s “Rage” close to the boiling point. Luckily she could escape before losing her “Self” to that and they at least had one more member of the group safe. What however had become of Chris? The trail had seemed to grow cold. Returning to the Cabin via the gray skinned woman’s portal proved to have an unforeseen consequence over lost time. Emerging on Wednesday morning instead, the mysterious woman erected some type of “magical barrier” around the house shielding it from those who would see it as being occupied. Those who did not know of the cabin would see only trees instead as long as they didn’t penetrate the outer shell now cast around the cabins than it would remain intact. Lingering to observe some of the strange “Earth Customs” of internet searches for what to say, wear and want when dating Billionaires and a quick battle with strange white orbs outside gave pause to this woman who knows so little about the world the “super team” come from. She only knows that her own dimension will in thirty days collapse upon this one like a wave on the beach and all will be lost in the chaos that will follow.

Val’s new ability to gain “Premonitions” off of objects at certain times is proving to be something handy. Getting an image of Chris inside a strange orange energy bubble and a dark haired man moving toward him to free him, actually the first time Val has felt the emotions of others through her visions and this man’s intentions were to save Chris. Relaying this information to the rest of the room the mysterious woman opened a new portal and said she would go and search for both Chris and Pulse (David) and return to them soon. Val took the opportunity to sleep for a bit while Abhati and Sarah studied the clues. Realizing that Chris’s backpack had been left at the Dojo, Abhati and Sarah returned there to retrieve it and they found a strange dark green glass vial with a black plastic cap filled with an unknown substance. Taking this and the backpack back to Bishop Cabin, Abhati and Sarah recalled the small box given to Chris by Max Evans the week before. Opening it up now they discovered that it held a strange dark blue crystal of some sort that gently pulsed while held with bare hands. Both testing this out found that they slowly began to desire to hold on to this crystal indefinitely but they resisted and put the strange stone back in its box. Stashing it away they took some free time while Val rested to look up info for her date with Charles Masonforth. Returning after a bit more time having passed the woman informed the group that she was able to locate Chris and Pulse’s “Auras” at facility North West of the Cabin and that she would meet them at 2 AM to rescue them as daytime infiltration would prove problematic but she didn’t reveal exactly why before leaving once again. Abi, Sarah and Val began preparing for their own plans. Val’s date with Charles and Abi and Sarah’s face to face meeting with Max at 7 PM both at the Masonforth Estate grounds would put them all together. Their perspective meetings “revealed” that Max was smarter than he looked having more or less set Sarah and Abi up to test if they were truly just ordinary humans asking about runic symbols that only a very small percentage of people knew. Val seemed to be “aroused” by the stimulating cinema of Bruce Lee and dinner under the fiber optic patio as snowflakes exploded into brilliant colors. Sarah’s fears of being found out but desire to find out why she has these abilities seemed to denote apprehension but sadly before she was able to delve further she was called upstairs to meet with the mysterious woman only to flee for her life as a 4 limbed demon type creature emerged from the open portal the woman had arrived through and grabbing this gray skinned lady violently pulled her through narrowly missing Sarah with it’s other hand. Hurrying Abhati along with her they both leave Max and Janine looking shocked and run to intercept Val. Arriving they see this strange creature is now chasing Val and a chase, part battle ensues before Estate security guards cause the demon-like “hunter” to portal away before being exposed. Shaken but otherwise just a few “bumps” the trio return to the cabin to prepare for their trip to a declassified Ministry of Defense base which turns out to be anything but “abandoned” despite the online listings to the contrary.

Using their combined “gifts” they are able to ascertain that there is a sonic energy fence about 15 feet high around the perimeter of the complex and just beyond this point 6 well hidden magnetic surface mines that set off a chain reaction across the entire base if triggered. Moving past these “minor hindrances” the three women take the “direct approach” as Achaia uses her strength to move the doors out of the way. Entering the building they quickly discover that despite the lack of lighting and overall presence there is one woman moving along the hallway before them. Trying to get the drop on her proves problematic when she flees into a nearby room only to vanish. Soon after the group discover a much more disturbing find, a large multi-timbered bomb with 7 triggers is stashed in a nearby storage closet on the 1st floor. Moving upstairs to search the various floors. Racing to the 6th floor where there are sounds of an apparent battle ensuing, Val receives a distress call from Avalon that Gabriel is here and she fears for her safety. Relaying this information, Abi opts to portal the bracelet AI back to the Cabin for safety. Val and Achaia engage Gabriel who is already in a fierce battle with Pulse, a tug of war ensues while a mysterious “shape-changing” man in black continues to search the complex for clues as to why he woke up here this morning, seemingly only at the gym a few moments prior his kidnapping was swift and without indication as to what or who did it. Finding power cells, Val raced to the room where Chris Bishop in a large orange energy bubble was being completely overtaken by Gabriel’s AI and out of her control. Pulse however opted to use his lighting abilities to super conduct enough power through the 3 cells to destroy Gabriel’s corporeal form into the next county. Saddened that Chris too is obliterated in the crossfire. Regrouping and encountering this strange Doctor who turns out to be this confused man in black the three supers and the now powerless and dejected Pulse seek to leave. This new member perhaps acts to disarm the large bomb thus countering the self destruct sequence set by the true laboratory agent of the Toronto Quantrix Group also known as Blackenshear Corporation. Before the group can exit however the “assassin” returns to deliver another fireball but this time is defeated thanks to the quick actions of Achaia and Val and his explosion narrowly misses setting off the land mines. The three regulars and one brand new “member” return to the Cabin while Val unable to sleep leaves quietly to tie up some loose ends.

Val realized that no one had collected Pulse’s remains to perform a burial of any kind; the weight of the sacrifice that Pulse made seemed to weigh heavily upon her mind. Using her leaping abilities she quickly returned to the strange installation and found remnants of dust and a silver wedding band lying in the snow a few feet from the section of fence that looked fried out. Burying Pulse off in the woods nearby Val was not aware that she was being observed. Moving off to return to Duskwood next, worried about Tommy and knowing it was late enough in the evening to attempt a sneak inside. Val was shocked to not only find most of the guards badly beaten and left unconscious but that Shamrock/Brian McArdle had been there. That a guard named Collin Perry was the one who had signed Tommy Doe out of the facility and more shockingly that there was a medical file left reviewed upon a computer system. Brian McArdle seemed to be searching not only for Tommy but also for Bruce Perry, a 6 year old boy whose body chemistry was anything but ordinary. Quickly following Shamrock’s scent trail Val lost it out on the roof. Giving the Toronto Metro a call anonymously Val took off to Max and Janine’s place on Masonforth Estate. Once there she decided these people should know the truth and she revealed her true “self” to them. Max in turn revealed to Val that the dark blue crystals origins were that of a Katari crash site in the side of an Alaskan mountain. These strange “stones” have the power to slowly relax the human mind to the point it becomes devoid of free will. Shocked by this information Val now wonders just why did she end up on Earth. Why is she here? Perhaps here is more to this than anyone knows. Moving up to the Mansion to stay in the offered guest room. She has little rest, as her mind is heavy with this knowledge



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