Shamrock (Brian McArdle)


Real Name Brian McArdle

Aliases Shamrock

Identity Known

Occupation Former Professional SWAT Team Leader

Citizenship Ireland/Canada

Place of Birth Dunaby, Ireland

Known Relatives

Group Affiliation Who ever is paying better

Education University Degree

Height 6’1”

Weight 185 lbs

Eye Colour Blue

Hair Color Red

Powers Brian aka Shamrock has the ability to alter the “Luck” and “Probability” of said luck causing a failure of action in the intended target. There is another ability that Shamrock has yet to reveal.

Abilities Brian is a accomplished Kickboxer, winning three different Irish Belts and two in the UK in his younger days. He is also very skilled with computers and most recent technology. He can also invent items.

First Appearance Episode 5 “Crimson and Clover”

Origin Earth


Shamrock (Brian McArdle)

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