Achaiah (Sarah Lodger)


Sarah Lodger/ Achaiah

STR 10, DEX 14, CON 14, INT 16, WIS 12, CHR 15

Computers 12, Diplomacy 12, Drive 12, Gather Information 9, Handle Animal 12, Medicine 6, Notice 12, Profession 12,

Animal Mimicry 10 + extra subject 10, Comprehend 2 (speak with and understand animals and machines) Datalink Understand Inanimate Objects 2, Animate Objects 1

Jack of All Trades, Animal Empathy

Prone Fighting


Sarah Lodger was born and raised in Toronto in 1979. At an early age, she took part in a secret government experiment which involved genetic testing. They saw no improvement or change in her over the years and so decided that that experiment was a failure. She was given back to her parents, who were paid a large amount of money for their involvement and silence, and she reentered normal society.

Sarah lived for many years as a normal young woman, up to about the age of 25. However she began to notice that when she was around animals she would hear voices as if from them but in her head. And when she spoke to animals they would respond to her as if they understood. They sometimes spoke back. She also noticed when she wanted to do things like smell something if she thought of an animal with that sense she could gain that sense. And it all progressed from there.

Since she liked animals, she had chosen a career in veterinary medicine, and now that she could communicate with animals, she could treat them much easier. She has not yet done any real heroic stuff yet.

First Appearance: Issue # 1 “Diamond Dust or Debris?”

Achaiah (Sarah Lodger)

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