STR: 15 – DEX 20CON 10INT 11WIS 14CHA 16

Initative +12, Speed 30 Feet, Defense 15/8 Flatfooted 16 Melee +8 Ranged +15 (Blast + 10) +5 FORT, +4 REF +6 WILL

Acrobatics +8, Balance +12, Bluff +8, Escape Grapple +5, Escape Artist +15, Taunt +5, Exploit Weakness +8

All-Out Attack (-5 Def = +5 To Melee) Defensive Attack (-5 Attack to boost Def +5) Elusive Target (-8 Penalty to Ranged Attack while engaging melee target) Improved Block +2 to Defense Rolls, Power Attack (-5 Attack transfers to +5 to opponents Saving Throw or Defense DC) Takedown Attack (Instant 2nd attack after sucsessful KO over first target)

Darkness Control: +15 Animate Shadows (One Subject, One Attack or Action) REF

Blind Target (No Save Only Dodge) Touch, Sustained

Darkness Blast (+8 Ranged) FORT SAVE TO ABSORB OR DEFLECT

Energy Drain (Touch, Sustained) Will Save Causes Fatigue

Shadow Bind (No Save only Dodge) Binds One Subject

Shadow Scry (Sight/Hearing Through Shadows)

Shadow Walk (Local Teleportation Through Shadows)

Shadow Weapon (Summons a DC 25 Hand Weapong for One Action

Shadow Strike (Strike at distance using Local Shadows)REF


First Appearence: “From Dawn to Duskwood” Sunday, January 27th

Little is known about the man who calls himself “BlackOut” as he has just appeared on the crime scene recently kidnapping a small boy from the Provincial Social Welfare Housing Facility known as Duskwood. He was routed by the sudden actions of a 4 year old boy after sustaining some “discomfort” at the hands of Sapphire Tiger…When next will BlackOut strike?


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