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Charles Tucker Masonforth is very well known throughout Toronto and the world for his leading innovations in “Prismatic Cell” technology. This replaced the standard pixel in 2009 as the foremost image capture, shading and emulation tool. This breakthrough was primarily used in video screens and floating “Prismatic Holo-Billboards” The advertising as well as the computer industries rushed to Masonforth Global for the rights of use and in came the millions of dollars. Already born into a Billion dollar family of invention and science Charles was reluctant to pursue his true passion, competitive fighting. He took boxing in his teens from a butler and fell in love wih the sport. He longed to try his hand as an amateure fighter but this would never mesh with his reputaiton or lifestyle and only embarass his family name. His Toronto estate is fully equipped with both a martial arts studio as well as a full boxing gym.

Charles was married at an early age to a local socialites daughter named Diana Abagail Collins. Her father a wealthy inventory of the newest “hydro-cell” fueling technology saw a great opportunity for their union to become a “lucrative” asset over it being something his daughter truly wanted. Diana diagnosed with a depression at a early age seemed detached almost unaware of what was going on around her. She was only happy with Charles when they were alone and out of the influence of either family or her father in particular. Winter of 2009 saw the tradjic death of Diana Collins-Masonforth as she finally lost her battle with depression and jumped from the mansion roof one snowy evening.

Charles commissioned painters, sculptors and other artists to crate mosacis, paintings and one grand statue after the other of his late wife. Perhaps it is not coincidence that the muse for these works of art was Divinci’s Angel…

Charles Tucker Masonforth

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