Toronto 2011

*Diamond Dust or Debris?* Pilot Episode

The pre-dawn hours of Friday, January 18th 2011 would usher upon the present world a very different revelation than those of the prior two years time. There were so many different experts, theologists, drug store prophets and street corner doomsayers professing that the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21st 2010 would be a “significant” date in the history of humanity. It’s come and gone over a year now and all of the collective babble, back talk and late night radio chatter have seemingly brought nothing of the sort to the solitary planet Earth. Many who believed things would end with chaos and destruction lost their money and savings in elaborate schemes promising them a “place” in underground bunkers and safe houses within the penthouses of the very rich. Times may change but people do not and even in the face of a looming “Age of Enlightenment” many were reminded of their own ignorance and were lost in obscurity. There were few new age type people who gained minor reputation for their near accurate predictions that nothing new would come of the Mayan calendar ending.

There was one Canadian author by the name of Leo M. Danforth who wrote a very gripping piece of literature in early 2010 called “The Mayan Gift” This novel outlined a very real manifestation of an object of immense power being delivered to humanity on that fateful night of December 21st, 11:38 PM but the exact location was undefined. The book spent a good deal of it’s 17 Chapters doing a back story on the Mayan culture and although many of the newspaper critics mocked the book for being “just another money making ploy” Leo himself appeared relentlessly on television talk shows and Larry King to discuss his own vivid “prophetic dreams” that this object was definitely coming and the world would be changed forever upon it’s return. The enigmatic author would draw a lot of attention to his novel and bring its status into the bestseller venue in a manner of weeks. People want to believe in something and if you give them enough doubt against the truth they will come around to your way of thinking. In the last week of December. the 21st, was a mixture of tension, fear, and anticipation. When the date arrived and nothing seemed to change, nor the next day, nor the next weeks ahead there was no more rush to the book stores and Leo M. Danforth vanished into obscurity. The book has since moved to the back shelves of the store. Time seems to have brought with it’s tide something only of in the imagination of one man.

Good Morning, It’s January 2011 and a year has passed. You awake in your bed on this new day feeling a bit drained and groggy. The dream you just drifted out of was intense and felt perhaps like more than just “a dream” Lucidity poured from every fiber of the imagery and the scene you beheld was something most disturbing. You awake now, shaken from the image of a sky scrapper reduced to piles of broken stone and glass, twisted steel framework and fallen debris which seems to bury not only police vehicles but police as well as you spot an hat here, a blue uniformed shirt stained with blood there. Many of the people who were gathered before this particular building are now also buried beneath this fallen giant. You see a dirty red balloon floating lazily upon bitter air it’s small owner lost to the devastation before you. Then you see a figure standing atop the only level part of this edifice that still stands. The face, a mirror reflecting the destruction below and his cloak of darkest blue flutters in the flurries of snow that drift past. This figure motions to you with hands outstretched in cased in metal beckoning you to come…come to this place…awaken…..and as you do and you find it is Friday, January the 18th 2011..6:25 am. and outside your bedroom window lazy snowflakes begin to fall…..


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