Toronto 2011

Sunday, Febuary 3rd 2011

Today Abby Sara and I (Colin Norforth/Dyson O’Connor)awoke to find Valentine being at my front door, saying that Harvey was being attacked at Abby’s house. Val and Sara arrived inside Abby’s house via a portal. After hearing that they couldn’t see due to smoke, I quickly told Abby to close the portal and we ran to her house. As we arrived (having changed into my new costume) , we came face to face with a huge ice dome covering what would have been Abby’s house. As the day progressed and my hands were trying to make a dent in this ice, Abby kept off the first of two bald dudes and for some reason he collapsed , so I continued to make dents in the ice. After the fight and finding everyone to be in somewhat healthy condition and watching Abby’s house explode, we all returned to Charles’ house. While there and after some investigating through the house, we all gathered outside a room that Charles had deemed off limits to everyone in the house. After persuading him, we entered the room. First Val, who was looking like a forcefield was stopping her, then Alex and Sara had the same problem. After talking to the picture above the door, I know I should have my head checked for that, LOL, but as I drew nearer to the picture inside the room, I really needed to have my head examined LOL. But in all seriousness after thinking through the problem and asking Charles to come into the room, a little white hole appeared, into which we all jumped, I figure. I ended up at a place that looked like the study I just left until I found a secret door and a ladder leading down one flight or so I thought. I then saw three mirrors who all showed a reflection of myself in them. I had walked through one of the mirrors and ended up going to another dimension in which all my friends, weren’t exactly “my” friends. After returning to the same place that I had left, I saw Peter crying to have his son and brother back and Charles same for him as his brother walked down the stairs. Later that night as I answered the door, after I heard the doorbell and took Harvey with me, my father showed up at the doorsteps and asked me to join him for a drink since we needed to have one of our “father and son” chats. Now since most things seemed to had settle down for the night I had talked with my father for a while, and had some new surprises thrown at me, one being after hearing from Sara that a large globe of light appeared at Lake Ontario and that I had gotten my old life back sort of. I also was questioned by Greg and Sara about my intentions of being there, since VORTEX was the codename of some psycho and Sara was very pissed off about this guy that she attacked me and I calmly threw her against a van. After all this I got back to my house and calmly thought threw things and watched the news until i saw a report that my father was part of a terrorist conspiracy. Now as Monday starts who knows what we gotta do but I guess a whole new sit down and talking to catch up on everything is gonna need to be done. So until I see you all again in the morning I gotta run and see what other loose ends need to be dealt with.

Saturday. February 2nd 2011
25 Days Remain

Early morning hours of Saturday would slowly build the stage for the sudden events to come. A mysterious cloaked figure moves cautiously but with little effort through a protective spell and low tech security system. One goal to infiltrate the Bishop Cottage and retrieve a special piece of technology while everyone slept. Accomplishing this mission said individual remained to observe and record what would next transpire but nothing in his life would prepare him for what he was about to see. Perhaps the cost for spying is knowledge that you aren’t the only “special” person around.

Awaking slowly the inhabitants of the cottage started their Saturday off with routines and some with visiting friends from inside of bracelets. The emergence of a actual holographic representation of Avalon had Val wondering just what kind of programming late night television was about. Dressed in a queen’s white outfit Avalon made no visible actions to keep this information from spilling out over into the kitchen. Q-B getting her morning coffee and Sarah emerging from her room in penguin slippers and pajamas were shocked to find a new face waiting for them. That was when Harvey emerged from his room talking about someone had stolen his suit. That was when some investigation proved that the front door knob was broken and the perimeter security system had been effectively killed. The origins of this “intruder” under everyone’s noses as they searched the property. Duncan Harrison, the private investigator who was rescued previously awoken to first wonder who the hell Harvey was and than look outside to see the car missing. Sarah using her scent of the wolf learned that it was something from another dimension that had taken it away. Investigating with scent and common sense helped the team to learn that they might not be alone but still unable to perceive the invisible person nearby it was he who got to see what would happen next.

The rift made in the protective shielding around the cabin had been punctured affording easy access for Crimson Lee, Shamrock, Blackie and August Siren onto the property. They had come intending to one and for all defeat the supers and be done with them as part of the equation. Moving into position in front of the house they planned a little “illusionary” mischief before their attack but it all went wrong progressively from there out. Crimson approached the door as a girl scout and it was Sarah who realized that no one should know that the house was there. Closing the door as fast as she could it wasn’t fast enough before the doors exploded in sending Val and Sarah jumping out of the way. The moment after a strange android emerged from seemingly thin and and back handed Crimson Lee off the porch knocking her to the snow 7 feet away and than gone. Watching the invisible person was now aware of who had been chatting to him or was it that simple. Shamrock not seeing how only that Crimson was down retreated into the trees to locate his crossbow and with murder building inside him. Following their cues Blackie emerged from his hiding place in the master bedroom but not before August emerged from the back bedroom leading to the patio deck only to first be charged at by Sarah who missed and than have her head put in a force bubble by Q-B who’s powers seemed to take a “new” turn. Knocking her out with a reduction of breathing air it was Blackie who tried to grab Q-B only to fail at the attempt. The front doors gone and Duncan and Harvey hidden in Harvey’s room proved a good vantage point to see what was going on. Using his Nemesis Rifle to fire at what the team believed to be someone there invisible proved strange when a long purple arm made of energy emerged to point at something unseen. Meanwhile something else unseen stood just outside and watched, stood outside recording every detail for his employer or perhaps for his own personal “kicks” Val leaping into mid air than vanishing for a few moments gave him pause as he closed the gap to observe Crimson closer and see what her status was. Fading her life force slipping away was not observed by the figure’s lack of medical knowledge. Turning to see Shamrock now returning after his first arrow missed both Sarah and Val with his crossbow aimed at Harvey who’s Rifle let out a new burst of force doing something amazing. Turning Shamrock to stone it wasn’t clear to Harvey that his gun had interference but its end result was effective in stopping further aggression.

Aware that Blackie was about but unaware where he had gone the team gathered quickly to retrieve the spanner store-boxes from the basement and show Harvey as well as another undiscovered pair of eyes the strange boxes they each possessed and to explain that these items were tracking strange inter-dimensional demonic like monsters right to them. It was than that they discovered strange dark purple and black discs inside each box which crumbled like charcoal upon touch. Val asked Avalon to scan these objects to learn that they were breaking down due to being inside of a different dimension for so long might be causing a decomposition of sorts. Moving again back outside of the west bedroom where the figure was hiding and spying. Duncan who had feinted at the sight of Avalon suddenly appearing was now coming to so Val replaced her true form with a hologram of the pink haired girl visage. It was than that the Faux Brian McArdle was observed emerging out of nowhere its mask sliding open to reveal two strange holes for eyes and powerful outburst of energy building up. The figure safely unseen was able to watch this all happening as if in slow motion. Spotting the incoming threat now moving quickly toward the property. Val first than Achiah, Harvey and Q-B managed to take refuge inside the nearest bedroom. Generating a box around the entire group, Q-B was just in time as a wide energy came crashing through the walls and did massive damage to the front wall of the house.

Coming out of hiding at the worst possible moment Blackie emerged from hiding near the sofa to investigate and was struck broadside with the strange dark blue-purple energy and horribly mutated into a multi headed creature with slick black skin and body like a gnarled tree. An invisible spectator had narrowly missed being struck himself and was first to see this change happen. Continuing it’s assault the Faux Brian McArdle entered the house and proceeded to attack the cube protecting the party. Emitting a horrible shriek the now mutated Blackie also began attacking it as well. His cry causing Harvey and Val to become confused momentarily. Sickly purple ooze began to spill out of the multiple mouths of the mutated Blackie but it was not strong enough to deter Q-B who maintained her box with concentration. Suddenly some type of tremor caused the android to topple losing its footing and wether intentional or purely a lucky coincidence some of the purple acid spilled onto its head creating a large cavity and effectively destroying the Faux Brian McArdle for good. Formulating a plan, the group decided to let Val distract the remaining threat with her agility while Harvey used his Nemesis gun on it to hopefully stop it cold. The plan worked perfectly and the rifle’s response to the threat was to revert Blackie to his original state. So freaked out by all of what transpired he vanished into the shadows fleeing the property for his life. Things had calmed down and the group was able to take somewhat of a breather and relax. Duncan Harrison the private investigator who was on the edge of a nervous breakdown by this point. Finding the first bottle of whiskey in the kitchen cabinet he had a seat and began drinking. Meanwhile Brian McArdle approached the limp and lifeless body of Crimson Lee and picked her up from the snow where she lay. His body wracked with sobs and uncontrollable grief he slowly and clumsily carried her away but stopping briefly to notice he was being observed and copied by someone lurking near the house. Exchanging words with Harvey Daniels he told him to meet him later that evening at the north side of Blackberry Park and picking up Crimson’s body walked away. Little did Harvey know that another stealth minded individual was hiding near by taping the whole meeting.

Figuring out that this location was no longer secure the team gathered some provisions, their many pets and via Q-B’s portal decided to go and visit Max Everson on the Masonforth Estate. Arriving they weren’t there for more than a few moments before a strange man in a powder blue suit with dark hair and sky blue eyes walked in through the front door. Announcing to them all that he is employed by a Mister Gray sends Max into a sudden panic, pushing Q-B into making a new portal anxious to escape this stranger now unaware that the group is about to leave him there. Meanwhile sleeping soundly in a nearby dining room chair is Duncan Harrison soon to be lost. This stranger’s speed isn’t enough to stop the group from porting out of the house to a new location. There is little pause before “Chipper” the Estate AI notifies this stranger than he will have a location fix on Max Everson soon to just be patient. The team than moves to Q-B’s house for a brief respite and Q&A session with Max who tells them that his wife was taken away by Tommy through use of his powers but the location is coming up as North Scotland which has been uninhabitable for a very long time. He gives a small device to Harvey asking if he can modify it and successfully reveals the location on his GPS to which town they are currently in. Max moves off to use the restroom and moments later there is a knock on the front door of the house. Val proceeds to the door while Harvey moves off to the back of the house and goes into hiding to guard Max should he be attacked. Max returning from the bathroom bid the party leave and uses a portal to exit before the stranger sees him there. Val guesses by the scottish accent that it is the same man from Max’s house. He convinces the party if he were truly an assassin he wouldn’t be this polite nor would he knock first and what just happened before was just a misunderstanding. Taking a risk the ladies allow this stranger into Abi’s house and after removing his shoes he takes a seat upon the sofa. Dressed now in a black suit he looks more dignified. That is until he opened his mouth and managed to insult both Q-B and Achiah in record time while Val not fully understanding a lot of what was being said waited to answer questions she was asked over the “debating”. Once everyone calmed down they allowed Colin a short demonstration of his “abilities” of super speed, strength and returning to Abi’s place they took an overdue rest. Sarah who had missed her meeting that morning with Queenie at Blackberry Park was left yet another blue envelope on her door re-scheduling her appointment for that evening at 9:00 PM. Time passes a bit faster now and before long it is nearly 6:00 PM

Colin returns to the Estate to have a meeting with Charles and is given a new assignment. He and Douglas Veratti are to intercept Shamrock that evening before his meeting with Harvey Daniels at Blackberry Park and “deal” with him with a strange device that is given to Colin and attached to his arm like a bracer. Strange in design and feel, Colin wonders just what type of “powers” this strange little device has. Preparing to carry out his employer’s wishes he retires to his new home on the estate and admires his “trophy collection” Night time came swiftly and while Harvey made plans to meet up with Brian McArdle and get some answers to exactly what was going on, why he was after the rest of this group and what the hell in general. Working out of house he fixed the strange goggles he found in the storage room of the Ministry of Defense Building. He also procured a set of useful tools there that have the ability to create raw material from seemingly out of nowhere. Leaving via cab to arrive at Blackberry Park on time he seems reluctant to enter the grounds just yet.

Meanwhile Val disguised as Sarah again meets with Queenie in the woman’s restroom to learn a bit more about how she knows Sarah and the “Helix Sun” project is first mentioned. Outside Colin and Douglas close position on Shamrock as he makes his way south toward the North entrance to the park proper. Harvey too has arrived but is moving to not be noticed. Concluding her brief meeting with Queenie who seems ill at ease and after handing the component of a disc of some sort off to the phony Sarah. Queenie informs her that this will answer a lot of her questions and than leaves. Val and Sarah meet up nearby to exchange the strange disc and while Sarah leaves Val goes into camouflage and begins to track down Shamrock and see what his meeting with Harvey will entail. It’s sudden but both Harvey and Val see an intense blue light illuminate a section of the woods. There Douglas has seemingly set up Colin and missing with two somewhat silenced bullets, tried a knife instead but was not fast enough and paid the price as the bracer given by Charles disintegrates the assassin from Mister Gray where he stands. Shamrock true to his word leaves a black duffel bag of intel for Harvey and proceeds south. Val observing this decides to follow Brian further as does Harvey. Sarah, Val and Q-B return to the Estate with Colin and Harvey returns to Q-B’s house. Colin introduces Val, Q-B and Achaiah to Peter Mason who explains he knows a lot about Helix Sun and shows his arm tattoo not before showing his ability to change his physical size at will. More and more questions seems to be presented now to Sarah who struggles to learn the truth about her past.

Thursday, January 31 2011

Sarah began the next day fairly abrupt when a strange text message made it obvious that someone wants to contact to her and doesn’t believe like the rest of the immediate world that she has fallen off the face of the earth. Listening to her actual voicemails she receives several from the man who called her several days early regarding the “pet rabbit” but the final call was from a woman posing as a Caucasian stating simply if you want answers call the following number (*63565) and similar to the text message from before.

Thinking this strange Sarah contacts Val via telepathy and tells her that she has received strange messages. Using her computer Sarah is able to decrypt the message far enough as to ascertain that this woman is indeed Asian sounding. Calling the number provided a recorded message instructs Sarah to meet this woman on the North side of Blackberry Park in the Rouge Valley area of Toronto at 3:00 PM today. Sarah relays to Val about this meeting and than she asks Q-B if she can portal back to Toronto. Q-B does Sarah one better and brings her to her apartment but leaves before Sarah can realize that her apartment is now being surrounded by perimeter devices set up by Metro Police as is standard procedure with missing persons cases. Some fast “talking” on her part helps Sarah leave the apartment via the window but she fails to keep her face under “wraps” as she flies to the roof undisguised and luckily due to inclement weather she is not spotted. Using the flight of some bird Sarah makes her way to meet up with Val at 1:00 PM near the park in order to do some reconnaissance before the mysterious 3:00 PM Meeting. Val and Sarah decide it best if Val using her AI Bracelet takes Sarah’s visage and meet with this Asian woman instead while Sarah hides nearby. Using a nearby woman’s room they change into their perspective disguises and while Sarah hides in a nearby tree using the chameleon as her muse Val waits near the North Entrance Archway till 3:00 PM draws near. Sarah uses wolf hearing to pick up what sounds like bach and the sounds of someone smoking a cigarette about 200 yards away. Val notices out of the corner of her eye a small blinking red light. Searching the area unearths three hidden cameras. Could this be a set up?

The gradual materialization of this Asian woman coming up from the snow itself as if she were formed of snow first and than gradually into a 5 foot 9 short dark haired woman wearing a three tone blue costume is pretty shocking to both Sarah and Val but they remain steadfast. Once closer she obscures the disguised Val in a column of flying snow and explains that she knows Sarah and that she is aware that Sarah’s memory has been removed of her. She has so much to explain to her but she cannot, as this location is no longer secured. She tells Val thinking its Sarah that she will meet Sarah back here in the parking lot NW of their position on Saturday, February 2nd near a snowman. She than departs without warning dropping into the snow as if she were no more than dust and Val notices that this column of snow allows for her to leap out safely and does so. She rejoins with Sarah who uses her link to trace the cameras, first she sees the footage of the magenta haired Japanese woman known as Crimson Lee talking to someone via a strange hand held device. She apparently has been monitoring someone’s voicemails via cell phone but how? She than sees that this camera links back to a computer somewhere inside the abandoned Ministry of Defense building. Again this strange facility comes into the picture. Deciding it is time to identify the car that she heard 200 yards away, Sarah moves off on her own while Val trying to stealth blends into the “background” with the aid of Avalon. The shadows nearby seem to smile.

Sarah making her way to the site via the treetops finds what looks like the woman from the 3:00 PM meeting lying near the car from last evening with a sharp metal blade stuck in her back and badly bleeding. Scared for not only her newfound contacts safety but also the possible loss of someone who has the answers she seeks, Sarah flies down to help. Sadly it’s only a powerful illusion and the woman turns out to be Crimson Lee in disguise. Before Sarah can act she is whisked away from there in a column of crimson smoke and finds herself standing inside the room where Chris Bishop died. Back in the Ministry of Defense building. Val moving closer to Sarah’s position sensing something is amiss arrives to see a column of crimson red smoke and knows things have gone sour. Sarah is suddenly returned to her original position the victim yet again of another illusion or “show of force” Sarah watches as this strange Japanese woman leaps nearly seventy feet in the air to land on top of the luxury cars roof. Val arrives and dialogue ensues where as Crimson Lee seems to be waiting for something. It’s than that first Blackout appears from the shadows and than Shamrock as well. They exchange verbal barbs and bad puns and the scene seems tense ready for a major battle? The appearance of a 4th person, a late teenage woman with strange stones imbedded along her ear rim and a flowing blue and white dress is broken when her open mouth produces a familiar music. Val knows that Crimson Lee will attack Achaia fast if she makes a false move and all will be lost. Shamrock opens the trunk of the car and as Sarah moves around she discovers a bound and partially gagged middle-aged black male. Shamrock easily lifts the man and tosses him into the snow. They depart promising that they will be seeing “the team” real soon and all bets are off. Once gone Sarah and Val are able to untie this man who identifies himself as Duncan Harrison, Private Investigator. Shamrocks’ fists mostly inflicted his wounds but otherwise he is unhurt. Bringing him to the hospital first and the cabin secondly they move to the kitchen to eat and fill in Q-B and Harvey Daniels about what took place. Sarah however finds a dark blue envelope taped to the front door with a note written in strange blue glitter. This is from the Asian woman who calls herself Queenie. She tells Sarah that she needs to meet with her and tell her about her past, her being a mutant and a lot of things. Sarah realizes this note is probably old now as the team rarely uses the front doors. She closes the note only to reopen it to find water droplets where there were previously letters. Sarah seems to have found a concrete clue as to her origins. Time tells all….

Wednesday, January 30th 2011

Abhati (Q-B) and Achaia shaken by the news that both Chris (Cosmos) and Val had been captured by a pair of mercenary types for hire who also subdued Pulse. They were about to travel via portal to intervene when the mysterious gray skinned woman from Heximere arrived via a portal of her own at the bottom of the basement steps. She quickly informed them that Val was secured but Chris and Pulse are missing from an abandoned Dojo where they were all being held. Traveling now as a trio they arrived to find Val visibly shaken with anger and paused to let her get her bearings. Apparently she was sent to become the “plaything” of a very strange other-dimensional being known as “The First One” and the sheer indignity of this had Val’s “Rage” close to the boiling point. Luckily she could escape before losing her “Self” to that and they at least had one more member of the group safe. What however had become of Chris? The trail had seemed to grow cold. Returning to the Cabin via the gray skinned woman’s portal proved to have an unforeseen consequence over lost time. Emerging on Wednesday morning instead, the mysterious woman erected some type of “magical barrier” around the house shielding it from those who would see it as being occupied. Those who did not know of the cabin would see only trees instead as long as they didn’t penetrate the outer shell now cast around the cabins than it would remain intact. Lingering to observe some of the strange “Earth Customs” of internet searches for what to say, wear and want when dating Billionaires and a quick battle with strange white orbs outside gave pause to this woman who knows so little about the world the “super team” come from. She only knows that her own dimension will in thirty days collapse upon this one like a wave on the beach and all will be lost in the chaos that will follow.

Val’s new ability to gain “Premonitions” off of objects at certain times is proving to be something handy. Getting an image of Chris inside a strange orange energy bubble and a dark haired man moving toward him to free him, actually the first time Val has felt the emotions of others through her visions and this man’s intentions were to save Chris. Relaying this information to the rest of the room the mysterious woman opened a new portal and said she would go and search for both Chris and Pulse (David) and return to them soon. Val took the opportunity to sleep for a bit while Abhati and Sarah studied the clues. Realizing that Chris’s backpack had been left at the Dojo, Abhati and Sarah returned there to retrieve it and they found a strange dark green glass vial with a black plastic cap filled with an unknown substance. Taking this and the backpack back to Bishop Cabin, Abhati and Sarah recalled the small box given to Chris by Max Evans the week before. Opening it up now they discovered that it held a strange dark blue crystal of some sort that gently pulsed while held with bare hands. Both testing this out found that they slowly began to desire to hold on to this crystal indefinitely but they resisted and put the strange stone back in its box. Stashing it away they took some free time while Val rested to look up info for her date with Charles Masonforth. Returning after a bit more time having passed the woman informed the group that she was able to locate Chris and Pulse’s “Auras” at facility North West of the Cabin and that she would meet them at 2 AM to rescue them as daytime infiltration would prove problematic but she didn’t reveal exactly why before leaving once again. Abi, Sarah and Val began preparing for their own plans. Val’s date with Charles and Abi and Sarah’s face to face meeting with Max at 7 PM both at the Masonforth Estate grounds would put them all together. Their perspective meetings “revealed” that Max was smarter than he looked having more or less set Sarah and Abi up to test if they were truly just ordinary humans asking about runic symbols that only a very small percentage of people knew. Val seemed to be “aroused” by the stimulating cinema of Bruce Lee and dinner under the fiber optic patio as snowflakes exploded into brilliant colors. Sarah’s fears of being found out but desire to find out why she has these abilities seemed to denote apprehension but sadly before she was able to delve further she was called upstairs to meet with the mysterious woman only to flee for her life as a 4 limbed demon type creature emerged from the open portal the woman had arrived through and grabbing this gray skinned lady violently pulled her through narrowly missing Sarah with it’s other hand. Hurrying Abhati along with her they both leave Max and Janine looking shocked and run to intercept Val. Arriving they see this strange creature is now chasing Val and a chase, part battle ensues before Estate security guards cause the demon-like “hunter” to portal away before being exposed. Shaken but otherwise just a few “bumps” the trio return to the cabin to prepare for their trip to a declassified Ministry of Defense base which turns out to be anything but “abandoned” despite the online listings to the contrary.

Using their combined “gifts” they are able to ascertain that there is a sonic energy fence about 15 feet high around the perimeter of the complex and just beyond this point 6 well hidden magnetic surface mines that set off a chain reaction across the entire base if triggered. Moving past these “minor hindrances” the three women take the “direct approach” as Achaia uses her strength to move the doors out of the way. Entering the building they quickly discover that despite the lack of lighting and overall presence there is one woman moving along the hallway before them. Trying to get the drop on her proves problematic when she flees into a nearby room only to vanish. Soon after the group discover a much more disturbing find, a large multi-timbered bomb with 7 triggers is stashed in a nearby storage closet on the 1st floor. Moving upstairs to search the various floors. Racing to the 6th floor where there are sounds of an apparent battle ensuing, Val receives a distress call from Avalon that Gabriel is here and she fears for her safety. Relaying this information, Abi opts to portal the bracelet AI back to the Cabin for safety. Val and Achaia engage Gabriel who is already in a fierce battle with Pulse, a tug of war ensues while a mysterious “shape-changing” man in black continues to search the complex for clues as to why he woke up here this morning, seemingly only at the gym a few moments prior his kidnapping was swift and without indication as to what or who did it. Finding power cells, Val raced to the room where Chris Bishop in a large orange energy bubble was being completely overtaken by Gabriel’s AI and out of her control. Pulse however opted to use his lighting abilities to super conduct enough power through the 3 cells to destroy Gabriel’s corporeal form into the next county. Saddened that Chris too is obliterated in the crossfire. Regrouping and encountering this strange Doctor who turns out to be this confused man in black the three supers and the now powerless and dejected Pulse seek to leave. This new member perhaps acts to disarm the large bomb thus countering the self destruct sequence set by the true laboratory agent of the Toronto Quantrix Group also known as Blackenshear Corporation. Before the group can exit however the “assassin” returns to deliver another fireball but this time is defeated thanks to the quick actions of Achaia and Val and his explosion narrowly misses setting off the land mines. The three regulars and one brand new “member” return to the Cabin while Val unable to sleep leaves quietly to tie up some loose ends.

Val realized that no one had collected Pulse’s remains to perform a burial of any kind; the weight of the sacrifice that Pulse made seemed to weigh heavily upon her mind. Using her leaping abilities she quickly returned to the strange installation and found remnants of dust and a silver wedding band lying in the snow a few feet from the section of fence that looked fried out. Burying Pulse off in the woods nearby Val was not aware that she was being observed. Moving off to return to Duskwood next, worried about Tommy and knowing it was late enough in the evening to attempt a sneak inside. Val was shocked to not only find most of the guards badly beaten and left unconscious but that Shamrock/Brian McArdle had been there. That a guard named Collin Perry was the one who had signed Tommy Doe out of the facility and more shockingly that there was a medical file left reviewed upon a computer system. Brian McArdle seemed to be searching not only for Tommy but also for Bruce Perry, a 6 year old boy whose body chemistry was anything but ordinary. Quickly following Shamrock’s scent trail Val lost it out on the roof. Giving the Toronto Metro a call anonymously Val took off to Max and Janine’s place on Masonforth Estate. Once there she decided these people should know the truth and she revealed her true “self” to them. Max in turn revealed to Val that the dark blue crystals origins were that of a Katari crash site in the side of an Alaskan mountain. These strange “stones” have the power to slowly relax the human mind to the point it becomes devoid of free will. Shocked by this information Val now wonders just why did she end up on Earth. Why is she here? Perhaps here is more to this than anyone knows. Moving up to the Mansion to stay in the offered guest room. She has little rest, as her mind is heavy with this knowledge

Tuesday, January 29th 2011

Opposites sometimes attract and as this new day brings the promise of a large amount of snow in a few hours, Chris (Cosmos) and Val meet up in the kitchen over a glass of chocolate but there was nothing “hot” about it. Val seems to be a bit under rested and Chris seems to be checking out Val in a “new way”. Shrugging off their mutual lack of bonding the two begin to make plans. Val has a “strange vision” off of the business card that she found in the black sedan’s glove compartment. She sees a middle-aged Black male secured somehow to a strange metal chair near the back of a darkened warehouse and an open window shows snow starting to fall. Relaying this information to Chris and with the power of Avalon and Google the pair formulate a possible location. Q-B having a rough start after her new “portal” ability gave her a free trip to the coffee table in the middle of the night joined the pair in the kitchen. She told them she had to return to Toronto to check on her cats, fish, toads and the state of her residence in general. Suiting up and “Getting a New Look” Chris’s symbiote decided to stay inside and opted to just bulk up Chris enough to give him a much older appearance. Val zipping up a bodysuit with a ring type zipper prepared for their free trip. They had a brief chat with Q-B who than opened up a glowing water type portal for them to pass through. She assured them that she would have to enter it as well before it would close on her end…no pun intended.

Arriving in the yard of Q-B’s house, Val and Cosmos found Cosmos’s motorbike where he had left it and used it to make their way to Kings Cross Street and the abandoned warehouse from Val’s vision. Once there as they passed by the front of the warehouse, Val spotted strange floating “pilons” that seemed to be some type of security perimeter. Stowing Cosmos’s motorbike out of site in a alley a few buildings away the pair made their way back to the abandoned warehouse and after a quick scan by Avalon revealed them to be city property and they are there to warn trespassers that this building is condemned as well as take a visual “snapshot” of any people who pass their boundary. Thinking better of this Cosmos and Val move to the side of the building. Val goes around to investigate the other side when the first set of windows proves to not spark her memory as to the same in the vision earlier that day. Cosmos flying up to look through the dirty windows was able to see only a white envelope. Calling Val over she was able to fit into this window opening and drop down inside. Summoning Pulse who had opted to leave Q-B’s Blackberry for Cosmos’s PSP he observed a strange crimson energy around the envelope and warned the others that it was “Pheromones” by his best guesstimation and to stay clear. They proved to be similar in the case that women are unaffected by them. Val retrieved the enevelope with the faint red energy “C” on the front.

Starting to leave the warehouse, Pulse over stepped his exit and the ensuing chain reactions caused the entire building to collapse. Narrowly escaping uncertain survival thanks to the quick response of Cosmos to save him, Pulse was able to get clear. Val having taken the “direct approach” and leaping up to the roof of a building across the street used Avalon’s holo-map to guide them out. Cosmos and Pulse clearing the debris and the trio returned to the alley where the motor-bike was stashed and while beginning her closer inspection of the area Cosmos healed Pulse who opted to stowaway in his telepathic disc for the time being. They began their own search two buildings away from Val who discovered a strange music coming from the rooftop of a nearby building. Following to investiage, Val was quickly subdued by the sound and led away to be taken to a small upstairs, loft type room and to meet her captor. Appearing first to be a red haired man in a dark green and white costume similar to Pulse’s he explained that he was only holding her for someone else. Working away at multiple keyboards and viewing what looked like strange runic symbols on many different flat screen monitors. Returning to mock Val “closer” He revealed his true idenity, Brian McArdle.

Cosmos having lost sight of Val, not ble to raise her on telepathy asked Pulse to rejoin him in the un-virtual world and begin his search. Tracking the barely visable footfalls that Val left they arrived on the roof top of snow covered building with Val’s and another person’s tracks leading inside the slightly open door. Entering first Chris was making his way down the stairs only to unexpectantly move into a area affected by the strange pheromones and upon making visual contact with a masked Japanese woman he was unable to resist her command “Kill Pulse” Obviously the expression on Cosmos face was enough to send Pulse fleeing the other way and a chase ensued with this strange woman following behind to keep in range of her new “puppet”. Pulse was able to keep one step ahead of Cosmos but not animated trash can man that almost succeeded in stopping Pulse’s escape. That was short lived however when finally Cosmos caught up to him at the bottom of a stairwell after a nother “near miss” Pulse and Cosmos both ended up being taken prisoner by the Japanese woman who used a strange amulet to improve her “pick up lines” and drag a now paralyzed and un-symbioted Chris as well as an unconscious Pulse via the Sewers to a familiar upstairs loft.

Val was not sucessful in her attempts to escape before Brian aka “Shamrock” used his probability and luck control to diminish her chances of escape. He seemed willing to undo her restraints and settling things more “one on one” but orders are orders. Returning to the loft with Chris now also bound and placed near Val the two exchanged “bickers” while the Japanese woman started her own argument with Brian and they both agreed that they didn’t like each other. Pulse who was left in a different room across the hall awoke to the sound of petty arguing in his mind and intervened. Checking Val’s restraints the Japanese woman retied the bindings. There seem to be some “Big Boss” figure that these two were waiting for or working for. There was some hope revived when Pulse now awake might be able to free everyone but he wasn’t able to last in a battle with Shamrock and the Japanese woman after a failed lighting attack gave him being awake away. Using telepathy Chris was able to contact Q-B and explain their “situation” unsure if he should risk her coming here via portal and into a potential trap. The planning was also short lived when both Val and Chris were knocked out…

Monday, January 28th 2011

Days seem to pass like weeks now for this collection of empowered “super people” Monday would begin anything but ordinary for Val who went to sleep on Achaiah’s sofa only to wake up with Tommy back in his bunk in Duskwood. Some quick stealth moves and she was able to avoid a precarious situation. Sarah received a mysterious phone call from a man claiming to need her “personal attention” to his pet rabbit but quickly realized upon her arrival at the office that this was not the case. A black van spotted in the parking lot seemed ominous but was not given more attention until later in the day. Chris heading to art class didn’t expect to find himself seeing “moving people” in his textbook. Val returning home to find 3 strange beings waiting for her just outside the door moments later and a battle ensued. These strange creatures popped up in Sarah’s observation room, Q-B’s living room and a nearby classroom in Chris’s college hallway. Seemingly made of different common “materials” these creatures used strange mind altering attacks and super charged kinetic explosions to render two of the team unconscious. Sarah was than removed by the Faux Brian McArdle and taken to be prisoner of the Heximere dimension.

Suddenly another unforeseen event had Q-B on the run from a strange cube and roadside assistance. Once regrouped at Achaiah’s apartment Val was overtaken by the AI Gabriel, a nasty piece of work that jumped into her AI Avalon’s mind during the incident at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building. Overcome she bolted in a fit of pure rage and was later found by Cosmos who followed out of concern. Saving a nosy reporter along the way. The day didn’t seem like it could become weirder but it surely did as Sarah emerged from a swirling water type portal in the center of the living room carpet. Ten years younger, improved in looks and it wasn’t until they returned to Q-B’s house that they learned that a “old hero” named Pulse who helped Achaiah escape Heximere had come through a swirling of his own on the snowy front lawn. Now in the wrong timeline, 10 years lost were gained. Achaiah’s change of “face” and Val’s loss of “privacy” at her old place forced both of them to move into Bishop Cottage. A new secure location for the team to plan their next moves. A meeting with Max Everson at a Jack Astor’s produced some answers and another meeting set up on January 30th on Masonforth Manor property. Val also has her own “special engagement” as the medical employee Diana Pierce as she must keep up “appearances” on her date with the billionaire Charles Tucker Masonforth the same night and same location seems to set a stage of sorts…

Sunday, January 27th 2011

Sapphire Tiger: I woke up to receive a call from a nurse that works at Duskwood that the human child Tommy was kidnapped by a “man dressed in black”. (Gggrr… harming a child? Human or otherwise… pisses me off!) Then Achaiah called me via “Soul link”. (She really needs learn to how to identify herself.) She told me that she got a black box, like the two we found a few days earlier. When I got to her place we opened it, there was a crystal which sucked in her costume and messed up her mind (she talks to furniture?).

Anyways… we drove to Duskwood to talk to the nurse and review the surveillence tapes of the kidnapping. I heard the nurse talk to someone on the phone about “Brian McArdle”. I told Achaiah we had to leave, and on the way out he “Brian McArdle” tried to hit us with a car (like it would hit me?). Later we found the car abandoned down the road. We searched it and found some business cards in it, a handgun a suitcase with some clothing and strange “scorch” markings on the driver’s seat and driver’s side window.

That same night myself and Achaiah snuck in to Duskwood to investigate the scene. Achaiah found a scent, and tracked it to an abandon warehouse in SE Toronto. That is when we encountered the “man in black”. He can control the shadows. He pissed me off, so I gave him “a boot for that ass”. Then Tommy teleported him into his own trap (I have to keep a close eye on Tommy). I picked up a cell phone that he had left behind and the number 555-1104 appears once again.

After I calmed Tommy (ok myself) down, Achaiah, Tommy and I went back to her place with Tommy to sleep…

Saturday. January 26th 2011

Early morning hours of a sun drenched winter’s day saw the events of a strange sort play out. The individual members of what might one day be called a “super team” acted of their own accord moving about High Park to slowly gravitate toward a common goal. The newly donated Atrium by one Charles Tucker Masonforthas well as the spectacular addition of a angelic statue of his late wife Diana began the search for a hidden find. A skulking hologram of Leo H. Danforth and two hidden inter-dimensional “packages” set the upcoming stage for an all out assault by the Content Not Found: 929

The events of this day and the contents of these strange boxes would serve to inform the members of this newborn group that they indeed are not merely random people with these abilities for personal gain. Wether or not they are truly foretold seems very far fetched and truth is never that unobscured by consequences. Following the leads of one missing author and one very mysterious woman from a Dark Dimension the group sucessfully remove one vital scanner type object narrowly avoid a confrontation with a very “adaptable” foe.

The team now has a mission and a all too real deadline of 30 days to save the world from the bleeding over of what can only be considered as “Hell” itself.

Episode 2 "Smile! Your on CCTV"

A week has passed since the incident at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and it is now Saturday, January the 26th. The better part of the week the media’s major frequencies were “hi-jacked” and a message from a man in a ski-mask atop the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building was being transmitted 24 Hours a day. Baffled as to how this individual gained access to highly encrypted Satellite link-up’s the media made several attempts to override the controls. It wasn’t until Wednesday of that week that they messaged stopped playing. Claiming the be the missing Author Leo H. Danforth the message seems to be intended for the “Masked Heroes” who intervened to save the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building and disarm the man with the bomb in his body. Toronto Police are actively searching for any clues or hints or anonymous tips as to who these people might be. The last part of the message is a riddle as it seems to state “new ears at the back of the angel’s wings upon “High” ” Seems like a code but for whom? Perhaps it eludes to the location of something important.

Friday, January 18th 2011

First Day on the Job

Waking up from the Dream of a Strange Man floating in front of a tall building in Toronto. Daedelus and others quickly assertain the building’s identity, a government building, and investigate on their own time

Suiting up, and shipping out Three Heroes quickly found themselves, using tech, ability, and lies respectively ontop of said building, and the other three in a coffee shop below.

The Heroes on top of the building, quickly observe a planar gate, being shut by a mirror faced, star bodies, something, and then being told to get to the 21st floor, NOW. As this was happening a Bionicly invaded man charged the front gates of the building, protected by an inordinate amount of guards who failed to stop him due to crazy future forcefield tech.

All of the Heroes rushed the madman’s floor, and promptly meet each other, with ensuing hilarity. Quickly finding themselves on the floor above the bombman, the heroes rescued some office workers and quickly set about gathering information about themselves and what was happening.

The bomberman obvious has experimental/alien tech wired throughout his body. Various people, including the bomberman was found to be a almost hypnotic daze, a new experimental grenade was found to be about to be used. And the grump using it appears to some to be an android.

Eventrully with the police and automatic bomb systems activation and forcing things. Singularity jumped out the window, and tackled the android’s ship getting zapped in the process, but removing the ship at least. floating off into the atmostphere


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