Q-B (Abhati)


STR 10, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 10

Computers 9, Concentration 8, Disguise 8, Drive 8, Escape Artist 9, Gather Information 8, Investigate 9, Knowledge Earthscience 5, Know. Astrophysics 5, Notice 12, Profession Meterologist 8, Search 13, Sense Motive 8, Stealth 13

Create object (subtle), Teleport (change velocity), Super movement (slow fall) Create Portals (One Way, Personal and Sustained till Personally Used)

Eidetic memory, Evasion (II), Uncanny dodge (II), Quick change (II), Sneak attack (V), Hide in plain sight


A meteorolgist as the science community knows her. She is more comfortable as her ‘alter-ego,’ Q-B.

When her mother was pregnant with her, they were struck by lightning. Ever since then her and her mother have shared a weird life. As Abhati grew, so did her ablities. She found she could create invisible forces that were like solid objects. She found she could teleport. She could not totally explain it.

She did know that electricity- especially lighting- liked to follow her around. She loved storms but had to stay indoors if it was a thunderstorm. Electric forces were almost alive to her, she could feel them.

Since every part of her was changed when she was in the womb, it had weird effects on her physical form, as well. She found if she used her powers it also gave her a way to change how she looked. It created for her a perfect identity to hide her life and her parents.

Usually she changes her hair into silver, and her eyes to yellow. Depending on what she was doing and where she was, her clothes would change. Clothes would turn white, black, generally solid colours.

Abhati is a solitary woman, living by herself with a cat, fish and frogs. She loves doing research for her job and also has an expensive telescope on the balcony of her apartment. Space is something beautiful to her.

First Appearance: Issue # 1 “Diamond Dust or Debris?”

Q-B (Abhati)

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