Max Everson


Real Name Max Connor Everson

Aliases N/A

Identity Normal

Occupation Archeologist

Citizenship Canadian, European Union

Place of Birth St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto Canada

Known Relatives Parents live in Toronto

Group Affiliation None

Education BA in Archeology and Anthropology

Height 6’

Weight 175 lbs

Eye Colour Blue

Powers None

First Appearance Episode 4 “Revelations”

Origin Earth


Max Everson and Leo Danforth have been friends since they were in primary school. Quickly becoming close as the years passed. Both men shared a passion for ancient civilizations and Max attended the University of Toronto to study Archeology and Anthropology. He is currently in his final year of study and nearly 40 years of age. His original career working at the Royal Ontario Museum wasn’t satisfying enough so he moved on. He wonders if his friend wasn’t kidnapped to keep his quiet, perhaps the book he wrote told too much information to the world about the coming “Age of Enlightenment” Perhpas Utopia is better in theory than in reality. Max is eager to learn the truth..he is eager to meet these “Super People”

Max Everson

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